Episode 90: Lightning Round 3

Lukas joins the Dudes for the third Lightning Round episode

0:00 — Brunch

4:05 — Otter Infographic
Otters are Orsome

6:18 — Shaun’s Reddit Gift Exchange

8:05 — TV Reboots
New Samurai Jack
Playstation Vue
Futurama Reboot
Twin Peaks Reboot

13:00 — My Brother, My Brother and Me (The TV Show)
The McElroy’s Should Stop Laughing at their Own Jokes
The Adventure Zone

17:19 — Extreme Ironing
Extreme Ironing on Analog(ue)
What is Extreme Ironing?

23:32 — Internet Fads Revamped
People fall while Planking

24:17 — Freak Mythology Review
“House Arrest” by Freak Mythology
Gin Blossoms
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Circa Survive

30:13 — Our Tracks of the Week
Digimon Theme on Floppy Drives
“Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops” by Electric Mantis
“Green Light” by Lorde
“Down” by Marian Hill
“Way to Go” by Empire of the Sun

37:23 — Office Flair
Maggie’s Photo in The Simpsons

43:13 — Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout cookie Flavors

47:23 — Health Tracking

49:46 — Podcast Recommendations
We Have Concerns
The Bugle
The Writers Almanac
The Adventure Zone

53:32 — Shameless Plugs
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