Episode 25: Worcestershire is not Horseradish

On the table this week: our most eclectic mix of topics yet. Shaun’s talking about metal. Tyler’s talking about Sriracha sauce, Taylor’s talking about commuting and guest Seth has thoughts on home recording.

0:00 — Introductions

3:16 — Sriracha Sauce
Oatmeal Comic
Guardian Article
Huff Post Article

15:40 — Home Recording
Pro Sound Article
Home Recording Walk-Through Videos 
“Give Up” by The Postal Service
Strangers Podcast
In the Studio with Moby – “The Last Day”
“Campfire Songs” by Animal Collective
“Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne
“The Fall” by Gorillaz
“Damage Control” by Matt Zo
“Devout/The Modern Hymn” by Scatter The Ashes
“Great White Whale” by Secret & Whisper
“Static Age” by Misfits
“The ’59 Sound” by The Gaslight Anthem

40:32 — Commuting
A History of American Highway Systems
Public Transportation in America
Walkable Cities TED Talk
Infrastructure isn’t Sexy

58:38 — Portland Hero Metal Narrative
“Crows in Swine” by Red Fang
“Poisoned Altars” by Lord Dying
Between the Buried and Me
Elvin Jones
“The Bedlam in Goliath” by The Mars Volta

1:11:26 — Shameless Plugs
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Listen to 6:5 Quartet
August Moon Music Festival

Shaun Doesn’t Play Video Games
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